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tv   Tavis Smiley  PBS  September 13, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the baltimore grand prix on how people feel about that. with collins joins us live the details. >> there is disappointment. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she is cautiously optimistic that the race will return that jp grant, the managing partner with the race says that may be difficult to pull off. come back into 2014-2015. would be difficult to build the momentum again. it took us two years to get to this point. if we take the time off, can we actually put on the event? we have sponsors lined up. it makes it a little difficult to put on a race. >> so many entities are involved
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and why one suggestion works for some others couldn't make it. attendance was up 16% over last year's race and so was local sponsorships. blake stephanie rawlings- says the event set a tone and a message that baltimore can handle big events. the city is a vick m of its own success. race organizers plan to take a step back and regroup however, at the moment, there are no discussions regarding bringing the race back in 2016 or beyond. 11:00.ming up tonight at david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore county police are investigating a hit and run in towson. a 42-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle at york and stevenson and we are told the vehicle kept going heading east on stevenson. the vehicle was swiped and it also might have front-end damage. analyst expressed
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that the woman struck was his "let me he posted, catch the scumbag trying to did away with a hit and run. you will pay. authorities are not releasing any information, he says his wife will be released from the hospital tonight. >> back open in annapolis after they investigated a suspicious package. the bomb squad was called in to check it out and it was detonated and deemed nonhazardous. no evacuations reported. it was shut down for about an hour and a half. tonight, we have learned what caused the explosion yesterday in a trash can outside of the mitchell courthouse downtown. >> jayne miller joins us live out the complex with the details. m-80, a very large and powerful firecracker.
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remaining unanswered tonight is to put it in the trashcan and wide. the small explosion called no real damage but a criminal investigation is underway and the police commissioner says it serves as a reminder to tight the public spaces. >> you have to be diligent. you have to go back to that. even trash building -- we need to catch them. it is their responsibility. is we have to be continuing to be vigilant. it does not appear the trashcan involved in the incident is back behind that lacked: the middle of the street. i did see investigators yesterday taking away the top heart. it has one of those push flaps you move open. the share of today asked whoever
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was responsible for it to turn themselves in. live from the mitchell courthouse, wbal-tv 11 news. >> gregg bernstein announced nine people have been indicted for their alleged roles in a doug -- drug distribution ring. they were disturbing cocaine and heroin. the drugof organizations are conglomerate. there is really no head to the organization and they have equal ranking amongst themselves. it is so important to remove the organizational together or at once. >> a howard county man is being held on a $1 million bond for the death of his six-week-old daughter. aaron kramp shook his infant daughter to death and we have much more on the investigation. barry simms is live at police headquarters in ellicott city.
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>> the brother tells us he's a loving father who would not hurt his child. she has been there for five years and he has admitted to police what happened. a deep sadness over the loss of a six-week-old girl. >> i am deeply disturbed. i am very upset. because i babysat a friends baby and it is horrible. i have two kids of my home. -- of my own. i did not know that they had them. >> he is accused of shaking his daughter. after the grand jury hears the evidence, it could also change
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the issues. he came back, his son was standing over him and he was told the boy may have pushed the baby off the bed. she was lying on the floor with blood coming from her nose. we also spoke to people there we believe the father is the main suspect. she wasnally admitted crying and would not stopped and he may have squeezed her too hard. you should occur in hopes that she would stop crying. he shook the baby for an extended time until she did stop crying. no word on when the grand jury will get the case. barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. university officials
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say the cheerleading squad will not appeal its reduced punishment over hazing allegations. earlier this week, they modified the suspension putting them on social probation for the fall semester. it was not adequately educated about the hazing policy. >> and commitment 2014, anthony brown is making his run for governor official. he was scheduled to file papers for candidacy at the maryland state board of elections earlier today. ken allman is his running mate. it appears the field is getting bigger. he will start a statewide tour beginning september 24 with ellicottd rockville, city, a total of 14 stops.
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to gensler, more are seeking the nomination. lightning struck the control tower at bwi marshall and they say the airport is backed up and running with no significant delays. lightning hit the tower before 2:30 p.m. yesterday bringing the airport to a standstill. they suspended flights in and out of bwi marshall while repairs were made. the worker was shocked but he did not suffer serious injuries. officials at the department of public works say 15 homes have no water after a main break in the 400 block of east oliver street. say the water is shut off while they are making repairs to the main break. >> if you check your watch, it's and friday.on
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>> that means it's purple friday. rob roblin is up with the fans getting geared up. >> it's purple friday. live reports coming up. >> i would be distracted as well. >> a look at the next series coming up later in sports. >> the insta plus details are up next.
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>> the first purple friday of the season is here. havens for the most part put the season opener loss behind them as the browns come to town this weekend. rob roblin joining us live with how they are ramping up for the big game. how has it been? >> we had a bunch of girls out for the day shift. now we have three caravans out doc six.nottingham and >> how have the fans been? >> they've been awesome. areuly believe there nothing like ravens fans. >> and there's nothing like purple friday.
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>> there are 16 games to a football season so we have plenty left the play. we always have a hard time playing denver at home. it's too bad it was a home game for the opener. some great things have been happening even if it was clutch. >> ready for sunday's game and despite losing last week, they're looking for another super bowl. great to have foot all back. >> it really is. i've waited all year to see them make that charge again. nothing like purple friday and it's the first one of the season. the ravens cheerleaders and the marching band have been out and about all day. >> everyone is so excited for the game. everyone is going out and showing their support. everyone has their purple on. crowds? >> yes, everywhere we have gone.
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everyone is riled up. it should be good. >> it seems like everybody is wearing purple. there's nothing like ravens fans. >> win or lose, we have such great team spirit. it's a great game no matter what. >> play like a raven. come on. what's not to like. we need to let the rest of the world know just how good we are by repeating. and the back here live fans are here. how y'all doing? we are ready for some fun all on sunday. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. u.s. mint is launching the new corridor featuring fort mchenry and defenders day. you can exchange $10 for a role of the collectible quarters
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today. mchenryis showing fort in 1814 during the battle of baltimore. that's where we are now. >> attendees could exchange $10 for a role of the very special collectible quarters. your 11 insta weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> finally the ravens will get some good football weather. they dealt with the extreme cold and weather and -- in denver. then the lightning delay. all of that is out of fear for the home opener. should be picture-perfect with sunny skies temperatures in the seven-day's eddy northwest brees@10 miles an hour. the weather finally cooperating. the high today was right at the 80 degree mark. 10 degrees cooler from yesterday's ratings but we were still a touch above normal expecting cooler than normal for most of the upcoming weekend. a hint of that out in allegheny
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and garrett county where afternoon ratings are only in the low to mid 50's. some chilly air is invading the western part of the state and that will continue to sweep east over the next few hours. clout seven trying to move across and not really having much success at all. the lows are ranging to 55 down town. it is only 58 in cleveland. that cloud cover coming in off the eastern part of the great lakes as this moves across, the lake enhanced cloud and storms will clear things out of moves in our direction and hangs around for sunday. the knights tropical storm of the season, ingrid, way down in the far southern part and it is
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not that it is moving in our direction but it is nearly stationary now and these systems can dump lots of rain and unfortunately it looks like flooding rains will be pushing inland over the next couple of days. no rain in the side and high pressure. clear skies and 68-73. northwest wind that eight to 15 miles per hour. for the morning hours and during the afternoon, down to about 10 or fit team not but it could still be rather gusty on the bay with ray -- waves around two feet. 52 at oakland right now. it may get to 60 tomorrow but lots of sunshine. partially cloudy skies on sunday. right sunny skies for saturday and sunday, cool at night the comfortable during the day and this is the last weekend of summer. fall officially begins in the last weekend at the beach will be beautiful. and the rest of the tropical atlantic. it gabrielle is now diminishing
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and heading for nova scotia as just a depression of remnant area pressure and we still see as addressed to the north. the good news with this tropical storm is it is far far from many major land areas and no impact expected. 71 and the sunny. sunny and 75 on sunday. then we're back to beautiful weather on tuesday and wednesday. >> now 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> the injury report is out now. the only real surprise is this did as questionable. he will probably play. with a thin roster in the backfield they may need some help. thought mostly to be used as a inurn or, he may be pressed a role as two running back to make room on the roster.
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we did not really know he was hurt but john harbaugh lays out the details. roster moves. we brought in a running back, sean barron, from kansas city who we played against. two cartilageving tears. not major but they would be four the six-week deal so we really don't have time for that in terms of holding the roster spot so i figure we would go ahead and make the move to get him healthy. >> ravens text question of the day. who will win the in our? 79% say the ravens. it is not as lopsided as it should be. standard text messaging rates do apply. all of this meaningless september baseball giving way to unadulterated joy as they saw their team good 19 and nine, the
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toughest lesson for orioles fans to relearn, losing games that matter as a whole lot worse. in such a teasing fashion. in camden yards sending them to a to z tying the game against new york and then just as quickly, it matters not. jim johnson's while pitch bringing in the game-winning run. a whole lot of ground to make up of 16 to play. two and a half out of the final in meeting the past three teams. the challenge is great. tonight they started three-game series in toronto. some of the numbers from the best golfers in the world. oblivious to the breezy and dry conditions outside of chicago, making his five hour energy sponsors very happy. the 15th, no potter required. shooting 28 on his first nine, which was the back. -- bang.p
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was it today? 65 is the best anyone could do today. he will only type for the league if you shot 72 with one over and now he is 11 under along with some of the really good guys on tour suffered some heartbrea with tough losses. >> that's just amazing. a great day. >> we have another look at the seven-day forecast coming up.
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the baltimorefter grand prix took over downtown, the event comes to a grinding halt. what's behind the decision and what do local businesses think about the news. a well-known nfl analyst says his wife was the victim of a hit and run accident in towson. those and more
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>> amazing weather. >> and nice change. the trend continues through the weekend. maybe even a little cooler tomorrow. 71 for the hype. 40's on sunday. beautiful raven split wall weather. -- a beautiful raven's football weather. finally, grateful all weather. a nice day.
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>> thanks for joining us, everybody. nbc nightly news is next.
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